P11d's - Return of Directors Benefits

We do handle P11d's for a number of clients, but only where specifically requested to do so.

What are P11D's?

As an employer, you need to file a form P11D or P9D for each employee to whom you've provided expenses and benefits during the tax year, and one form P11D(b) to declare the overall amount of Class 1A National Insurance contributions (NICs) due on all the expenses and benefits you've provided.

In simple terms, you need to declare anything you've paid to, on behalf of, any higher paid employee or director that might be deemed a benefit, and employer's NI is payable thereon.  Benefits can also be assessed to income tax and NI on the individual too.

Currently, this is an annual return each year to 5th April, to be submitted to HMRC by 6 July following.  We are not aware of any concrete amendments to this regime following the introduction of RTI.

For more information about completing these 'benefits returns' visit HMRC's website [click here].

P11D form - download here           and for guidance on completing P11d, click here.