Further information on RTI - HMRC website links


Links to information on the HMRC website:

HMRC RTI guidance

HMRC guidance on preparing to operate PAYE in real time (RTI)

HMRC guidance on software packages and payroll options

HMRC Employer webinars

Frequently asked questions

HMRC Employer Bulletin and RTI Pilot Employer Updates

What payroll information to report

When to report your payroll information

PAYE employer helpline: 0300 200 3200

HMRC Online Services desk: 0300 200 3600

Paying HMRC Helpline (SA, PAYE & CIS): 0845 366 7816

HMRC: Customer User Group (CUG) for RTI - minutes of meetings


and more detailed stuff


Directors earnings and associated NI, etc

HMRC’s guidance for income tax is at EIM42280
HMRC’s guidance for national insurance is at NIM12014


more will be added as information requested